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Training Plan

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Training Plan for Tuesday 19th December. It’s my last as Ann will be taking it back from the 2nd January.
Not a lot happening this week but here is a Christmas cracker joke.
My dog has a favourite Christmas Carol. …………..
Bark the Herald Angel sings
Oh well onto the plan
Tim with Daniel OT 5 then continue in pool OS4/5
Chris N with Will and Alastair ST4

That’s it! and to say that I will not be at the club on Tuesday as I have a bad cough and cold.
So on behalf of the Committee here’s wishing all club members and families a Happy Christmas and very safe diving New Year.
P.S. I have bought my wife a wooden leg for Christmas, it’s not her main present, it’s just a stocking filler!!!!!!
I’ll go now, merry Xmas
Paul Richardson

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