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Training Plan 2nd May

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Hi all,

Paul is away in sunny Portugal so it’s me back doing the training plan and
I don’t have the template with all the instructors’ mugshots on so it’s
back to a written list.

*In the room:*

*Steve * will do OT3 with Stuart Hately

*Gemma *will do OT2 with Jacob Wardle

*Alexis *will do AOD T1 with Liam Woodall

*Ann * will do Sports Diver theory test with anyone ready for it, possibly
Esme, Mick or Will?

*Nigel *will do drysuit training with Bryan Rutter….Paul hasn’t left me
any indication of whether Bryan needs theory or pool training so I’ve
plumped for theory I’m sorry this is vague, perhaps Bryan could let Nigel
know what training he needs via the WhatsApp group….and update the EOs if
you both need kit.

*In the pool:*

*Charles *will look after George Dyson doing a try dive.

*David *will do OS5 with Maddi Martin and Scott Brewster

*Chris *will do OS3 with Jacob Broomfield

Finley wants pool practice, it would be good if he had someone to buddy

Mick and Steve Gwilliam have some equipment to test in the pool

Phew! I think that is everyone who’s available this week covered but if
I’ve missed you out please let me know as I’m doing next week too and I can
make sure you’re in then.
And don’t forget, if you can’t make it on Tuesday please let me know as
early as possible to save instructors an unnecessary journey. Thanks.


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