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Training plan 2nd July

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Hi all,

Back from sunny Italy to sunny England…why aren’t we diving this weekend??…perhaps some of you are.

There is no formal training plan this week as we are running a skills refresher evening for our qualified divers…any and all levels…to make sure all of our skills are up to date and excellent. This means, just for this week, there will be no training for our trainees…back to normal next week.

Rob, David, Alexis, Dave C and Richard have all said they will be in the pool, each watching over one skill …out of Reg recovery, AS (donor and recipient), CBL, DSMB deployment and Rescue Breaths and Towing (for SDs and DLs). I’ll let them sort out who’s doing what on the evening. Our qualified members (especially those soon to go on trips) are invited, no, expected to come along and refresh those essential skills. There will be no equipment hire charges for this evening so SCUBAs can be set up and shared to give the maximum number of divers the opportunity for 15-20 minutes in the pool doing all the skills in rotation. If the first ‘wave’ can be ready to go into the pool at about 8.20 (giving the instructors time to get set up and the snorkellers their time in the dive pool) then be ready to pass the kit they have to someone about the same size if requested to do so after they’ve finished and are happy with all the skills. There will, I’m sure be more instructors around poolside to talk through skills before going in the water…if there’s anything you’re unsure of.

In addition to this we have two new members signing up and some visitors coming to look over the club so it would be great if people could arrive and be in the clubroom as close to 7.30 as possible to show what a busy, interactive club we are….without any trainees the place could look very empty otherwise.

I hope to see lots of you there on Tuesday,


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