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Training plan 2nd August

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Hi all,

Well, I’m typing this whilst on the way to Capernwray. It’s slow progress
so it’ll be a very concise plan and please excuse any typos!

*In the pool:*

*Tim* will do OS3 with Janet

*Nigel *will do OS4 with Andy

*Chris *will continue with Seth

*David and Matt *will do a refresher session with Nick Wright and his son
(13). Both are PADI OW qualified but not dived for a while.

*In the room:*

*Ann* will sign up Steve Taylor and then pass him to Dean for snorkeling.

*Alexis *will do OT2 with Bryan

And we’re still Capernwray bound despite the rain! I do hope it cheers up a
bit 🤞👌

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