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Training plan 2nd April

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Hi all,

Before I start on the training plan I must remind everyone that next week (9th) we have a guest speaker coming to club to tell us all about his experience of Loch Diving in Scotland. He is a professional marine photographer so his talk will, I’m sure, be accompanied by lots of lovely photos.

I must also start planning the first Open Water training weekend of the season. This will be on 13th and 14th of April…only a fortnight away. We can have instructors at Capernwray on both of these days but, as always, we need to know in advance who wants to join in and what they want to achieve. The water will be fairly cold…currently 7-8 oC so probably only suitable for SD trainees who can use a drysuit. (The final part of the drysuit training can be carried out on the first dive) although hardy souls happy to use a thick wetsuit (Jess?) are welcome. So, if you want to join us over this weekend, whether for training or just pleasure diving, please let both myself and Rob know, preferably by email but at club is fine (but make sure I write your name down!) Rob will have a briefing meeting either before of after the presentation on the 9th to sort out the training needs and travel arrangements.

One try-dive this week, Daniel Deakin, Alex will look after him.Btw, Alex you must have impressed Anthony last week as he and his girlfriend are both looking to join up soon. Well done!

We also have a BSAC qualified Sports Diver, Tom Kershaw, wanting a refresher with a view to diving with the club in the future. Rob will look after him and perhaps Nigel would like to shadow?

Tim will be doing drysuit training in the pool with Steve, Shaz and Adam

Sammy will continue with Armya, probably with poolwork but could be theory…to be confirmed

Chris S will continue with Ruby in the pool

Richard will continue with Dylan in the pool

Pam will do OT5 with Mate, Dominik and Mackenzie

David will do OT3 with Paul and Babs

I will hopefully be signing up some new trainees but this has still to be confirmed.

Lastly I’d like to remind all our trainees, both Ocean Diver and Sports Diver who’ve finished their theory lessons but have yet to do their theory test, that now is a good time to get some revision done and bite the bullet! There are lots of Ocean Diver theory lessons going on with newer trainees so anyone who’d like to sit in a lesson again is very welcome to do so to help with revision. Alternatively there are revision questions on the BSAC website, log in, click on ‘Advice and Support’ and you’ll find the quizzes under the ‘Diver Training Support’ column.


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