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Training Plan 29th November

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Hi all,

This is a bit of a stab at a training plan given that I didn’t get to club
last week and didn’t get much feedback. I’m assuming all the lessons went
well. Also, I’m aware that there’s a footie match that some of you might be
keen not to miss….but I’m just going to assume you’re all much more keen
to dive than watch footie!

*In the pool:*

*Charles * will look after our try-diver Michelle Archer

*Chris * will do the first parts of SS1 (rescue skills) in the pool with
the sports diver trainees, Mick, Zara, Will and Finley. Assisted by Sammy
if possible.

*Tim * will do OS5 with Louis assisted by Dan

*David * will do OS4 with James and Steve T

*In the room:*

*Alexis * will do OT4 with Esme and Michael

*Steve D *will do AOT1 with Paul BG

As usual, if I’ve missed anyone out this week let me know so I can juggle
things before Tuesday. I hope to catch up with everyone this time.


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