Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 29th May 2018

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Back from a successful dive trip, many thanks to Paul for organising it. Great diving even if Fuerte Ventura did live up to its name keeping the sea fairly choppy and us fairly chilly at times!

Two try-dives this week again (assuming they turn up). They are Dean Harston and his son. Dave C and I will look after these.

David will do part of OT2 with Matt, Ellie and Callum (please note where you get up to) and then continue with just Callum to do OS2 in the pool from where they left off last week.

Rob will take over Matt and Ellie in the pool to do OS1.

Chris will continue with Josh.

Paul will start DT8 with Alex (I’m assuming you haven’t got this signed off Alex. If you have please give plenty of notice to Paul of which lesson you need).

I think that’s everyone covered but, as always, let me know if I’ve missed you out.


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