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Training Plan 29th March

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Hi all,

Yet again I may or may not be able to come into club on Tuesday…the
dreaded Covod has finally caught up with me. However, I am happy to put
myself down for a theory lesson which I will do online if necessary…see

*Training in the pool:*

*Rob and Alexis* will do Rescue skills (SS1) with four more SD trainees.
Only one has emailed to tell me they are available, that’s *Adam H. *So
I’ll pull three more names out of my list *Josh T, Alexander and Christian
S*. If any of you’s can’t make it, please let me know asap and I’ll work
down the list.
BTW, for those of you who did the rescue skills with Chris on March 1st,
please remember to bring your QRBs in soon for Chris to sign it off.

*Tim * will continue with Paul and John onto OS3 (Did Matt observe last
time? Would he like to continue?)

*David * will continue with Dane onto OS5

*Steve *will work with Baher

That leaves plenty of room in the pool for any of our pool signed off OD
trainees…and there are lots of you….to keep practicing their skills. If
Sammy is there on Tuesday she can get out the stock of hoods and gloves and
help people to practice skills with these on. This is essential preparation
for starting your open water training.

*Theory training*

*Ann* will do OT5 with Karl and Mick and will finish off Wayne’s last
section of the theory test. If I get two negative LFTests before Tuesday I
will come to the room. If not I will do both of these online. Please look
out for an email from me on Tuesday with the decision.

I think that’s everything covered, we are still a couple of instructors
short but hopefully we’ll be back up to full complement soon.


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