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Wave Shape

Training plan 29th January 2019

Waves Shape

Hi all,

We have two try-dives this week, David and Adam Courtnell (both paid). Rob and Sammy will be doing these.

David will be finishing off Angelina’s OD theory test and then will do a pool sign off with Jess and Giannis.

Chris N will be in the pool with Autumn and Tom. I think they are ready for a pool sign off too but I can’t be sure…Autumn and Tom, please tell Chris what you want to do.

Chris S will finish OT1 with Mate, Dominik, Ruby and Dylan (from slide 19 please Chris). Then Chris will take Ruby and Dominik in the pool to continue OS1 (only buoyancy work done so far).

Dave K will take Mate and Dylan in the pool to continue with OS1 and perhaps start OS2?

Alex will do the cross-over theory about BSAC tables with Steve L and David H, then you’re all free to go in the pool if you want to.

Paul T will do ST6 with George and Ken.

As you can see, things are getting busier and busier so I cannot accommodate every trainee every week. Please rest assured if you’re not in the plan this week, you will definitely be there next week. Trevor, Linda, Paul and I are all away next week dipping our fins in the sunny Caribbean Sea, so I hope things go to plan. If anyone can’t attend their scheduled lesson please could you let Rob know by emailing do@s895383513.websitehome.co.uk as soon as you can. Thanks.


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