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Training plan 29th August 2017

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Hi all,

My, where has the year gone? Nearly September already! There are still a lot of Sports Diver trainees with open water stuff to complete and a few Ocean Diver trainees too. We will be looking to book up at least two, if not more open water days/weekends at either Capernwray or 8 Acre Lake during September and October whilst the water is warmest. To enable us to make best use of the time available, please could I ask all instructors AND keen trainees to email me their available weekends throughout September and October. I will then attempt to coordinate some training days.

So, to the training plan for this week. Again, having been away last week this is a bit of a stab in the dark and may be subject to change on the night.

We have 2 try-dives, Rich Halawin and his wife. Dave P and Tim will do these.

Chris B will continue with Shaz, the second half of OT3 and then pool (I think).

Paul R will look after Suze doing her Dive Leader exam. I’ll bring the test paper etc. along, Paul

Chris N will continue with Oliver in the pool and Dave C will continue with George in the pool.

Ann will do ST6 with any SD trainees who need it or want to revise it.

As usual let me know if you’re mentioned above and are not going to attend next Tuesday, I can usually juggle things if I have a bit of advanced warning. Thanks.


p.s. Whitby was lovely last week, we were so lucky with the weather. Shame there isn’t a dive centre there!

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