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Training Plan 28th May

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Hi all, A quiet week this week because a lot of trainees are away for half term and the club trip to the Summer Isles will be in full swing. We should be getting some great photos through from the trip soon! So, to the training plan…

  • We have the usual two try-dives. Chris N will look after Tom Kaye and Tim will look after Matthew Kellie.
  • David will continue in the pool with Paul. (Charles could shadow this?)
  • Ann will finish Dominik and Giannis’ OD theory exams and then continue in the pool with Babs.
  • Paul T will do drysuit theory with Lee, Dominik and Angelina…and if his cold is better he will do the pool drysuit training with all those who have a drysuit to use (including Steve who’s already done the theory).
  • Mark will do OT3 with Armya (that’s a Theory lesson Armya no need to bring pool stuff)
  • Geoff will be in the pool testing out some kit.

All of our pool signed off OD trainees, that’s Henry, Dylan, Autumn, Tom, Jess and Giannis should be preparing over the next three weeks for starting their open water training ….see below…. Each week there will be two assistant instructors available in the pool to help you with skills practice and getting used to hoods and gloves. This week it will be Sammy and Nigel….make good use of them!

Finally, a reminder about the next scheduled Open Water weekend which will be on the 15th and/or 16th June. We have a lot of Ocean Diver trainees all ready and pool signed off so PLEASE, if you want to start your Open
Water training let me know which day or days you would like to come so I can start planning and you can start practicing!



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