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Wave Shape

Training plan 28th March 2017

Waves Shape


This week it is ‘fun with rebreathers’ part two. Mick and Alex are definites for having a go, Charles and Cameron also asked for a try but they may not be able to get to club so if anyone else wants to come to take up the place, just let Paul know.

Also in the pool this week will be two try-dives, David Turner and his 14yr old daughter. Please will Tim and Dave P do these.

Steve, will you oversee David’s swim test (10 lengths) and do some snorkelling with him. He’s keen to get started but has to wait for his doctor’s note before we can take him diving.

I’ll do OS1 with Paul M.

On the theory side, Paul R will be finishing ST4 with Kelly and Simon, Dave C will be doing OT7 with Stan and Chris B will do ST6 with Adrian and any other sports diver trainees who want to sit in for revision..

James, I know you need to do ST2 but I’ve run out of instructors for this week. I promise you’re first on the list for next week.

To all trainees, please don’t forget the first Open Water training dates…8th April at 8 Acre Lake (dry suits especially) and 22nd/23rd April at Capernwray. Please look in you diaries soon and let me know how you are fixed for these dates. Thanks.



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