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Training Plan 28th January

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Hi all,

We’re a bit short of instructors and may be a bit short of cylinders this week if those being tested have not returned…but I think we can still accommodate everyone especially if one or two of the instructors could bring in their own cylinders.

We have two try-divers Khia and Joice. Dave H will sort out their paperwork and deliver them to Sammy and Nigel respectively.

We have three new people to sign up this week, Janine, Mark and Dylan Sefton. Dean, can you please start by delivering OT0 to these three together with Alfie Guest who missed out on this when he signed up earlier. Alfie can then be passed to David P to go in the pool and start OS1.

Dean will then be signing up Janine and Mark Sefton whilst Trevor will be signing up Dylan Sefton (to include registration with BSAC). Then continue with the swim test and snorkelling.

Dave C will continue with Stephen Bradshaw in the pool..OS1-2 I think

…and that’s it for pool work except some of our pool signed off trainees may want to practice. Humphrey, Selina, Rhys, Andy and Abbie, Dylan please be aware that, if cylinders are in short supply, the EOs will have to give priority to the try divers and trainees working with instructors but there should be some cylinders left… although they will probably be 12l ones. There is pool cleaning to do (good buoyancy practice) and, as always hoods and gloves for skills practice in preparation for cold water.

So to the theory work. Ann will be doing the OD theory test with Ryan, Adam and Colleen and Rhys to finish off.

Alexis will do OT6 with Martin, Will and Tony

Rob will do ST4 with Mate, Dominik, Ellie, Matt and Henry (Lee, Dan and Dave H [and Steve Lane?] can sit in on this too as it will be good revision for those taking the SD Theory test next week) If any of you have BSAC 88 tables please bring them along.

Please can all trainees remember to bring in their QRBs every week and make sure their lessons are signed off in the QRB and on my training record board. We have a lot of OD trainees to keep track of now, 24 to be precise and all at different stages of the course, so accurate records are essential to make sure everyone is progressing correctly and we don’t put anyone down for the same lesson twice! Thanks.


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