Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 27th September

Waves Shape
Hi all,

A late training plan today so I’ll just get on with it:

*In the pool:*

*Charles *will look after our try diver James Priestley

*David *will do an assessment and x-over for Daniel who wants to join us
after completing a PADI ‘Touch’ course on holiday.

*Chris *will do OS5 with Bryan

*In the room:*

*Ann *will sign up Michael Hirst and Daniel Deacey

*Alexis * will do OT2 with Ben

*Rob *will do OT4 with Steve and Louis

*Pam *will do ST3 with Finley and anyone else interested in doing the
Advanced OD course

As usual, there’s plenty of room in the pool, no need to ask if you want to
get wet, just let Adrian know so he can have some kit ready for you.


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