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Training Plan 27th August

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Hi all,

Another very busy week with two more new members coming along to sign up thanks to Richard and Chris who took them for their try-dives last week!

So, this week Andy and Abbie Jenkinson are coming to try-dive. Richard and Charles will look after them.

Chris N will continue in the pool with Humphrey where he left off before their holidays…hopefully OS3

Rob will be doing a pool assessment with Chris Thompson who’s a rusty PADI diver looking to join us.

David will oversee Mackenzie finishing off her Ocean Diver theory test, just two sections to do. Then David will continue in the pool with Colleen.

Chris S will start pool work, OS1 with Savahna.

Dave C will be doing OS2 in the pool with Selina.

Ann will sign up Ryan and Adam and then pass them over to Sammy for OT0, swim test and snorkelling.

Pam will do OT4 with Kacey and any other Ocean Diver trainees who’d like to revise this…Armya, Dylan??

Paul will do ST4 with Lee and Dan and any other SD trainees who’d like to revise this.

Please could I ask all trainees to remember to bring in their Qualification Record Books (QRBs) every week so they can get their lessons signed off by the instructors and update my Training board.

Also, things are very busy at the moment, thanks to our associate instructors this week I’ve managed to cover just about every trainee but as the autumn progresses I may not always be able provide an instructor for everybody every week. Please bear with me and remember, if you’re missed out one week you will definitely be included the following one. There is now plenty of time throughout the winter to get everyone through the theory and pool lessons they will need to be able to get qualified next season. If you are missed out, remember you are always welcome to sit in on a lesson you’ve already done as this will keep the theory fresh in your mind for your test….and if you are pool signed off you can always go in the pool and practice skills…just remember to buddy check with one of the equipment officers before you jump in the water.


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