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Training plan 27th and 29th July

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Hi all,

We have a bit of a lull at the moment because a number of potential new
members are caught up trying to get diving medicals sorted to enable them
to train. The new self-declaration form with the addition of Covid-19 and
more stringent asthma and inhaler conditions means that a lot of people are
having to consult diving medical referees….I fear the added expense of the
medical may even be putting some potential trainees off altogether which is
a shame but what price your health and safety?

This reminds me to say once again, if you are registered with BSAC and have
stated that you can answer no to all the self-declaration questions, you
must forward to me a signed copy of the form for filing. Or, if you have
consulted a medical referee and they have signed you ok for diving you must
send me just a copy of page 3…the certificate signed by the referee. So far
I only have 28 people’s forms and there are more than 60 members in the

However, the lull means that there is plenty of space in the pool at the
moment, especially on a Thursday. We will soon be back to one evening a
week so please take advantage of the pool while we have it to come in and
practice your skills…especially if you plan to dive in the sea, here or
abroad, during 2021. You don’t need to let me know in advance but if you
want kit from the cage please let Adrian know in advance (

So to this week’s plan:

*TUESDAY 27th July*

*David P * will do a try-dive with William Rutter (15)

*Charles *will do a try dive with David Stewart

*Nigel *will work on AAS with Mihai in preparation for open water

*Tim *will do drysuit training with Alfie

Dave Hook will be testing new ‘toys’ in the pool.

*Steve *will do OT3 with Joanne, Liam and Marie by Zoom starting at 7.30pm.
I will set up the Zoom session please click on this link:


*THURSDAY 29th July*

*Ann *will work with Leonie on OS3

*David P *will continue with Liam on OS4

*Dave C and Alexis *please be available in case our prospective new
members, the Shepherd family, Diane (PADI Master Scubadiver) Christian
(PADI AOW) and Alexander (PADI OW) arrive for an introduction and crossover

Don’t forget, we have an open water training session happening at
Capernwray next Saturday 31st July to which any of our qualified
divers…especially the newly qualified ones…are welcome to join in for
experience and pleasure dives. I have made a block booking for the club so
if you want to go please let me know. I will send you the brief and add
your name to the list I send to Capernwray.

Thanks all,


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