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Training Plan 26th September

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Hi all,

At last…a stab at a training plan! As Rob has reminded us, there’s a footie match on tomorrow so, if possible, allow a bit more time to get to club if you’re mentioned in the plan and want to be there on time. Also, if in the pool, please start coming out by 9.20 so that the equipment officers can get packed up and leave by 9.45 to miss the traffic at the end of the evening. Thanks.

Rob will continue with George V. Either the second half of OT4 (from slide 14, I think but George might like to go over the earlier bit as it’s quite a time since he did it) and/or continue in the pool. See how the time goes.

Tim will do dry-suit theory with Alastair. Don’t forget to bring the new dry-suit Alastair.

Ann will do tables theory with Simon.

David P will continue in the pool with Henry

Dave C will do OT1 with Emmeline including introduction to the club and how the training system/ records work.

Paul R will do ST5 especially for Sonny and Elliot but for any other SD trainees for revision

Chris B will continue with Shaz (please update the training board so I know where you’re at, Ta)

I think that’s everyone but if I’ve missed anyone out do turn up because we may have spare instructors depending on how the traffic goes for those who have to travel a long way.

See you tomorrow,


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