Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 26th October

Waves Shape

Hi all,

We welcome Tim back this week having returned from France! To ease him back in Tim can do the try-dive with Mike McPhearson!

David will do OS2 with Wayne and Zara (and please include a demo with the nitrox analyser David, thanks)

Charles  will finish OS2 with Marie

Sammy will do OS5 with Leonie

and that’s all in the pool so plenty of space for others to get wet.

Rob  will do ST1 with Alex, Christian, Devin and anyone else who wants to start Sports Diver theory. (in the room)

DC  will do drysuit theory with Steve G online by Teams

Ann will do OT4 and general OD revision with Joanne in the room.

Finally, there may be an opportunity for open water training next weekend at Capernwray. Please let me know by Tuesday if you are interested…..trainees, supporters and instructors!


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