Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 26th November

Waves Shape

Hi all,

This week will start with presentations by Charles and Alexis. Charles will be talking about this year’s cold water dive trips and Alexis the warm water dive trips.Once you’ve heard what they have to say and seen the photos your appetite will surely be wetted to join onto the trips planned for next year! The presentations will start promptly at 7.35 and end no later than 8.10pm.

After the presentations there will just be pool training…quite a lot of it….so I propose two waves of kitting up and de-kitting.

Wave 1 go down to poolside as soon as the presentations end:

Sammy with try diver Molly and Dave C with try-diver Jack. (Mick, if you can get Molly and Jack to club a bit early I will do the paperwork before the presentation starts and help to get them poolside and kitted up as soon as it finishes).

Nigel with Aaron (OS1/2)

Chris N with Phil (OS1)

Wave 2 go down to poolside 8.20pm (I’m not sure where any of these are up to so trainees, please bring your QRBs and spend that 10 minutes while you are waiting updating your instructor).

David with Martin and Colleen

Chris S with Will

Suze with Ryan and Adam

Mark with Tony.

The EOs will knock twice to signal time to get out. Wave 1 please get out on the first knock (about 9.20), wave 2 on the second (about 9.30). Please remember that all de-kitting must be completed by 9.45 so everything is cleared away well before 10pm. Trevor and I will help with kitting up and de-kitting hopefully without getting in the way of the EOs!

Phew! It’s going to be a busy night!


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