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Training Plan 26th June

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Hi all,

A great open water training day today, good weather, water not tooo cold and everyone got something signed off. Well done all and many thanks to David and Paul for instructing and Dean and Adrian for their support.

Another fairly busy night next Tuesday. We have one definite try-dive, Sophie Higgins, which Suze will do, and one possible try-dive…see below.

After a short refresher with Chris in the pool, Josh would like to try and get pool signed off. Paul R will see how he’s getting on.

David will continue pool work with Callum and Rob will continue pool work with Matt and Ellie.

Helen and Henry could buddy together to continue practicing skills in the pool?

A 13yr old lad, Aidan is coming along to see if he can try-dive. He’s keen but his mum informs me he is very slight and may be too small for the kit. He’s wants to try out the kit first but if he’s ok perhaps Chris can take him in the pool once he’s finished with Josh? I’ll look after the trying on and we’ll have to play it by ear after that.

I think that’s all. Please note the next scheduled open water weekend is the 14th and/or 15th July. Get the date in your diary if you want to come and let me know either by email or at club. If you can’t make the scheduled weekends for whatever reason but need to get some open water lessons done, do talk to me or the instructors at club because other dates may be available in their diaries.


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