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Training plan 26th Feb

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Hi all,

Lots happening this week and then a heads up for the refresher evening next week….please everyone, read to the end of the email!!

Chris S will take Joanne in for a try-dive.

David will be in the pool with Mark Slater, our newest member and prospective instructor.

Chris N will do OT1 with Paul Miller, Babs and Ruby.

Ann will get Armya and Shane introduced to the club then will oversee their swim test and snorkelling.

Richard, Tim and Dave K will be doing pool work with Mate, Dominik and Dylan….one to one this week so I hope you all make loads of progress!

Tim, before you go in the pool please could you finish OT4 with Giannis and Mackenzie…it shouldn’t take long (I’ll email separately with info).

I think that’s it. Now, about next week. There will be no training or try-dives in the pool next week so that it is free for our qualified members to get in, check out their kit and practice their skills in preparation for the start of the open water season. Anyone with their own kit, please bring it…including a cylinder if possible. For anyone who wants to hire kit the great news is that it will be FREE…no kit-hire to pay. However, as the amount of kit we have is finite and our equipment officers would also like to make use of the pool on this occasion, you will need to PRE-BOOK the kit you require with Linda and it will be ready on the poolside, with your name on it, for 8pm or whenever you want to get wet. You can book your equipment by talking to the EOs this coming Tuesday or preferably by emailing Linda on eo@s895383513.websitehome.co.uk . They will need to know what size BCD you usually use. Linda will allocate on a first come first served basis so get your request in QUICK!

Apologies to all the Ocean Diver trainees as next week you will just be doing theory lessons (for some of you that’s 2 theory lessons on the trot, so double apologies) but we’ll make up for it the week after with lots of pool work.


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