Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training plan 25th October

Waves Shape
Hi all,

No preamble today, I’ll be sending out another email about the open water
next Sunday soon.

*In the pool:*

*Charles *will look after our try-diver, Claire Holgate

*Tim *will do OS5 with Ben assisted by Andy. Both Ben and Andy are
intending to come to Capernwray next Sunday so practicing skills with hoods
and gloves on would be good for both of them

*David * will do OS2 with Michael

*Rob * will finish off crossing Dan D and Paul BG over to BSAC, Dan did OS5
with Chris two weeks ago but I’m not sure what Paul and Rob covered
earlier. Anyway, ensuring both are confident with out-of-air, AS including
horizontal swim and CBL would be good.

*In the room:*

*Alexis * will do the Introduction to Deeper Diving lesson (the first
lesson of Advanvced OD) with Jo and Jaene (and anyone else interested in
this). As this is new to us all I suggest Sammy sits in and once I’ve had a
meeting with Iona, I’d like to share this too.

*Steve * will do OT2 with James

*Dave C * will do OT5 with Steve T and Louis

I think that’s all for now. Today’s the last chance for people to let me
know they want to come to Capers next Sunday. I’ll send out a final list
later today or tomorrow.


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