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Training plan 25th June

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Hi all,
A very quiet week again as most of our trainees have come to the end of
their theory and sheltered water lessons…but let’s not get too complacent as
we have two, possible three new OD trainees starting in the next couple of
weeks….and are there any ODs ready to progress onto SD…apart from Lee?
There are two try-dives this week, Mark will look after Sam
Taylor-Woodhouse and Nigel will look after Alan Rimmington.
Rob will do a pool skills refresher with Debbie, shadowed by Dave C.
Suze will be in the pool with Babs finishing OS4 and going on to OS5.
David will do a pool sign off with Rhys.
Sammy will do the OD theory test with Ruby.(I’ve sent all the paperwork
with David, Sammy). Chris N will oversee this…but Sammy, you can get started before he arrives.
Alexis will be available if anyone wants help with pool practice, I know Tony and Armya are planning to practice so can buddy together. Let Alexis know if you need him.
Please will all OD trainees note that on 2nd July the pool will not
be available to you because the whole evening is being given over to
our qualified divers to practice their skills, with instructor help, before the
boat diving season gets into full swing.  Thank you for your
understanding…we have to give our qualified divers a bit of instructor time
now and again.An early training plan this week because Trevor and I are on holiday. Please text David (07753259290) if you can’t get to club or have any other queries. Thanks.Ann

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