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Training Plan 25th January

Waves Shape
Hi All from sunny Bonaire,

Our first day has gone well. Two dives done on the house reef here at
Buddy Dive. The reef is very vibrant, teeming with life. All sorts of reef
fish including parrot fish, box fish, triggerfish…too many to mention
them all. There are never many crustaceans here but today I saw two
different crabs…must look them up! Most impressive were a squadron of
tarpons (bl**dy big fish) lurking just off the reef, they are very stately,
majestic, inscrutible fish that just….lurk. They make me feel glad I’m
not their prey!!

However, to the training plan:

In the Pool:

*Charles *will look after our try-diver Bart Kozicki (who is a colleague of

*Nigel* will do a skills refresher with Rhys (who is OD qualified but
hasn’t dived for ages) and Iain (who has completed all theory and pool
stuff but has yet to do OD open water)

*Dean* will meet and greet our new starters Paul, John and Jaene then pass
them on to *David * for OT0, swim test and snorkelling.

* Chris N *will work with Wayne on OS5 with the help of Joanne who needs to
practice CBL

*Sammy * will work with Eva on OS3 or perhaps 4…please check Sammy.

Pam will be bringing a try-diver and will also bring kit for her.

Theory in the room:

*Steve* will do the SD theory test with Tony Rouse

*Dave C * will do OT3 with Karl, Dane and Mick

* Rob * will do ST5 for any SD trainees who need it

* Paul T * will start ST4 for any trainees who need it. This may not get
completed in one evening. If so it will continue next week.

Zara and Will, don’t forget you are pool signed off. This means that,
unless you request it, I’ll not allocate an instructor to you. You can
practice pool skills, join in other training or do some pool cleaning by
yourself as long as you buddy check with someone on pool-side before you
jump in. There will be theory training for you next week.

Have a good evening everyone, I’ll see you next week.


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