Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 25th February

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Just one try-dive this week, Ashton Barraclough (13) who will be coming with his mum, Rachel. Please do the paperwork with him Dave and then pass him on to Dave C when he arrives. Thanks.

Theory first this week:

Alexis will finish OT2 with Janine, Mark and Stephen starting promptly as close to 7.30 as possible to get finished for pool work as well

Ann will start OT1 with Khia and Rebecca

David will start OT2 with Alfie and Dylan

Suze will do OT4 with Phil

Nigel will do ST4 with Henry and Steve L

First wave in the pool to get to the cage for 8pm:

Dave C with our try-diver Ashton

Sammy continuing with Colleen OS5 I hope!

Charles continuing with Tony, OS3-4

Mark with Martin OS2 or 3 I think, please check with Martin, Mark.

Second wave to get to the cage for 8.15pm:

Alexis with Stephen OS3 I think

Rob with Mark and Janine OS2

Richard with Matt, Ellie and Dominik demonstrating DSMB deployment.

In view of there being so many in the pool at the moment we will try two waves for exiting the pool as well this week, again to avoid a rush for the cage at the end of the evening. The EOs will knock on the poolside first at about 9.15 when the first wave should get out, then again at about 9.25 for the second wave. Thank you for your cooperation!


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