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Wave Shape

Training plan 24th July

Waves Shape

Hello everyone from sunny Seahouses,
Great Farnes diving so far. Loads of seals, lobsters, wrasse, crabs, urchins etc and beautiful coloured walls of corals and anemones!
So, this week David will do some X over theory and a skills review in the pool with our new member Sheamus.
Dave C  will do OS2 with Angelina in the pool. 
Paul R  will do DT8 with Alex and Adrian.
Ann will do OD revision with Josh and Callum.
Rob may be called upon to introduce, swim test and do snorkelling with one or two new divers as our last two try-divers have both said they are keen to sign up and start. 
And I think that’s all. Please note in your diary that the next OW trip is scheduled for either the 11th  or 12th August. Please let me know if you want to come along for training or just to get wet…and which day or days suit you best.
Off to dinner with the rest of the reprobates. See y’all on Tuesday. 

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