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Training plan 23rd October

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Hi all,

Sorry this is a very long missive but please read to the end.

The great news is that our club is going from strength to strength, we’ve just reached 70 members! How good is that?! There is, however a slight downside to this as I now have 9 OD, 7 SD, 5 DL and 1 AD trainees….that’s 22 people all potentially wanting training!! Going back to the good news, there’s loads of time between now and the start on the diving season 2019 so there should be no reason why we can’t get everyone ready for open water training by March/April next year. What I’m getting round to is that some weeks I may not be able to accommodate all the trainees who want to attend. Please watch for the training plan each weekend and don’t be too disappointed if one week you are not on it….rest assured you will be included the following week. Don’t forget, just because your name may not appear on the plan you can still come in to socialise, snorkel or practice diving skills if you are pool signed off. You are also very welcome to sit in on theory lessons you have already got signed off if you feel you’d like a bit of revision. Lastly, with so many trainees I can use the instructor time most efficiently if everyone lets me know when they can’t attend and …everyone is vigilant about keeping the training record board regularly updated. Thanks in anticipation.

So, to the training plan for this week….

We have just one try-dive, Graham Turner. Tim will look after him.

Mackenzie needs to get signed up to BSAC. Trevor will do this. (Mary, could you please bring in the signing up book? Thanks).

Paul R will continue with Autumn and Tom.

David will be in the pool with Angelina.

After I’ve finished all the paperwork with Giannis, Rob will do OT0 with him and watch over his swim test.

Thinking about the best use of instructor time and in view of Giannis starting this week, I would like to try and coordinate his training with Jess and Mackenzie, at least initially. To this end I need them to ‘tread water’ (joke?) for a week so Giannis can catch up. So Chris will just do the snorkelling section of OS1 with both Jess and Mackenzie this week to perfect their finning and breathing skills. If Rob and I can get Giannis through his introduction and swim test in time he can, perhaps also join in so they’ll be at the same stage for next week.

Paul T will do ST2 with George V. Paul will be happy to include any of the other SD trainees who’ve finished the theory but still not taken the exam. We’ll be running a SD lesson regularly for George so why not do them again to revise?

Pam will do drysuit training with Adrian P.

….and that, I think is all, phew!!


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