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Training Plan 23rd November

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Hi all,

In case anyone didn’t see my email yesterday, unfortunately we have no
access to the pool this Tuesday because BPL are having essential repairs
done to the diving boards which will require scaffolding and I guess the
pool will be covered?

Therefore, we are limited to theory lessons in the room this week. As I’ve
been away I’m out of touch with which instructors are available so I’m
allocating fairly randomly. Instructors, please let me know if you’d prefer
to sit out this week, I’m sure I can twist someone else’s arm!

*David* will do OT4 with Wayne, Eva and Zara (and Baher if he is coming in
this week)

*Chris * will do OT6 with Joanne and go over the revision questions she has.

*Steve *will do OT2 with Rhiana

*Rob *will start ST2 with whichever sports diver trainees are available
(with potentially such a big group do you need help with this Rob?)

*Ann *will be signing up our two new trainees, Dane and Karl and then pass
them over to *Alexis *for OT0, the swim test and an introduction to scuba
set up and dismantling on the poolside.

I’m assured by BPL that things will be back to normal next week. Fingers


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