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Training plan 22nd November

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Hi all,

A much quieter week, especially in the room, just one theory lesson. Almost
everyone in the pool will be doing OS4 either for the first time or as a
recap. Since there is plenty of time til open water time again I’ve decided
to repeat OS4 and 5 regularly to ensure everyone has them ‘off by heart’!

*In the room:*

*Alexis * will do ST2 with all the SD trainees. (Not AOD trainees) Finley,
Zara, Will, and Mick. Plus any of the previous cohort who still need to do
the theory test…this can be a revision session for you.

*In the Pool:*

*David * will continue crossover with Esme with Paul BG joining in for

*Chris *will do OS4 with Michael and James

*Tim *will revise OS4 with Louis, hopefully with Bryan to support

*Sammy *will support Rhiana and Ben preparing for their last Open Water
lessons next Sunday, practising rescue skills with hood and gloves.

*Ann * will be available for theory revision…Ocean Diver or Sports
Diver…we still have a lot of SD trainees who need to get their theory
test done!!

See y’all on Tuesday,


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