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Training plan 22nd May 2018

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An early training plan this week because I’m off to Fuerte Ventura to go diving again tomorrow, (not gloating…honest!)

Yet again we have two try-dives, Darianne and her partner… and they have confirmed. Paul T and Dave C will do these.

Pam Tarn will be coming along with a couple of Wombwell members to try out their ears in our deep pool before venturing into open water. I presume they will bring their own equipment.

Rob will be doing SS1 (Rescue skills) with Helen. If any of the other SD trainees want a recap on this and want to join in please let Rob know before the evening (rob@acasta.co.uk). Amy has valiantly volunteered to be drowned..I mean rescued by Helen in the absence of any other guinea pigs.

David will do OS1 and possibly part of OS2 with Callum.

Chris will continue with Josh.

Please note Paul R, Linda and Trevor will also be away diving next week and Mary is not available to come to club either. As always, the pool is there for any pool signed off or qualified divers to practice, practice, practice!!!


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