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Training plan 22nd February

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Hi all,

I’ve entitled this email ‘training plan’ because I presume that’s what
people will be looking out for but there will be no training this week
(apart from tests for those who want to do them, see below). This is
because Alexis is giving his presentation on injury prevention for divers.
It is important that you come to see this even if you have attended one
before because Alexis is continually updating his advice based on
recommendations from BSAC. Importantly, this evening will include a
discussion about BSAC’s latest Covid guidance which will affect anyone who
has had Covid and anyone who may contract it in the future….which
essentially could be any of us.

*PLEASE NOTE * the presentation will be happening *in the room behind the
Rigby Bar.* Follow the signs if you’re not sure where to go. *The start
time is 7.45.*

For those people wanting to start or complete their theory test, I will
have test papers available. We can decide when to do the tests when we meet
at 7.30.

See y’all there,


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