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Training plan 21st May

Waves Shape

Hi all,
Two try dives again this week. Nigel and Alexis will do these.
Chris N will do a pool sign off with Tony J
Mark S will work in the pool with Armya (not sure if OS2 or 3)
Chris S will continue with Rhys
David will do OS5 (I think…or if that’s already done then a pool sign
off) with Paul and Lee could help with this as the ‘casualty’ to get more
Rob will do the Sports Diver theory test with Will (I’ll bring the papers
and stuff in Rob)
Ann and Sammy will do Ocean Diver theory revision with Giannis,
Jess, Mate, Dominik and Mackenzie (and Dylan and Ruby if they feel ready)
followed by the theory test for all those who want to take it. Please bring any
sets of tables you may have borrowed from me for use in the revision and the
test. Thanks.
That’s about it for training. Please can I remind all those people I
emailed recently about renewing their membership and medical form online OR
asking me to print off their paper renewal form to complete in club. If your
membership runs out at the end of this month you only have 2 more weeks to get
this done and after that, if it’s not done you cannot dive with us, pool or open
See y’all Tuesday,

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