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Training Plan 21st June

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Hi all,

Welcome back Jaene! Wow! diving in Kos even before finishing the
course….I’m glad it’s made you even keener to get qualified 😊. I’m not
sure if you want to go in the pool this week so I suggest Chris does OT6
with you but I know he always brings his swimming stuff so he’d be happy to
go in the pool if you prefer.

So, to the plan

*In the pool:*

*David * will do OS2 with Janet

*Nigel *will help Baher prepare for open water

John and Will may be in to practice ready for their start in open water and
there is plenty of space for others get wet. If you’re going to the Farnes
in July and haven’t dived recently please come to the pool and make sure
your rescue skills are tip top!

*In the room:*

*Rob * will do ST6 with Steve Gwilliam and anyone else who needs to do this

*Alexis *will do OT4 with Liz and Miles

*Chris * will do OT6 with Jaene (or perhaps go in the pool?)

Later today I will send out a brief for next Sunday’s training trip to


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