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Wave Shape

Training plan 21st August

Waves Shape

Hi all,
We have two try-dives this week and apart from that things are very quiet.
This means there will be loads of space in the pool for people to just get in
and practice skills. Anyone who is qualified or pool signed off can get in the
pool…ideally with a buddy but if there’s no-one just buddy check with one of
the equipment officers before you get in. Make use of this opportunity, test
your buoyancy skills by doing a bit of pool cleaning with the net!
David P and Tim will look after our two try-divers Kirsty and her husband.
Rob will look after Cameron doing his Sports Diver theory test.Trevor will be bringing the test paper etc.. for you Rob.
Paul R will do the cross-over theory i.e.BSAC tables with Adam.
And that’s about it…I have that nagging feeling that I must have missed
someone out…let me know if it’s you!
Please don’t forget the parking directive in my email earlier this week. Thanks.

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