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Training Plan 20th June 2017

Waves Shape

Hi all,

A busy schedule this week; we’re back to nearly full instructor strength…we’re going to need them as there have been loads of people emailing us about wanting to learn to dive, perhaps, Rob, we might break the 60 members barrier yet! On that note, we will probably get a visit this week from a couple wanting to find out more by meeting the club, please be prepared to chat to them and tell them how wonderful the club is. It’s also a kit night for which the subject is WETSUITS. Please could all members who have a wetsuit bring them in to show them to the newer members and give them your advice on what to get when they go into open water.

So, to the training plan. There’s quite a lot of pool work so please could instructors, wherever possible bring their own kit.

Tim and Steve will do try-dives with Bev Moran and her daughter.

Dave C will be in the pool with Jake

Dave P will do the crossover theory and pool with Jess

Chris B will be in the pool with Paul M

Rob will do drysuit training with Simon in the pool

Oliver Rutter is coming to sign up. Chris N will then do OT1 and the swim test with him, followed by snorkelling, if time.

Paul R will do OT4 with Nichola, Daniel and Jack. Please delay starting this until after the Sykes family have had a chance to chat about the wetsuits first.

Ann will watch over Stan doing the OD theory test and start DT8 with Sammy (does anyone have a chart that I can borrow to use in this lesson please).

Phew! That’s about it. See y’all on Tuesday.


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