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Training Plan 20th Feb 2018

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Hi all,

Well, this is our last ‘wet’ evening at the Metrodome for 4 weeks so we must make the most of it!. Having said that, Barnsley FC are playing at home on Tuesday so we need to be early into the pool and early out, to miss the traffic. Almost all of our trainees have completed their theory lessons but there are quite a lot of theory exams outstanding so, along with presentations and skill development courses, we will concentrate on revision and getting people through their exams during the ‘dry’ period.

We have just one try-dive this week, Rob will do this.

David P will do a skills assessment with Tom Gilbert

Paul R will do a pool sign off with Debbie, (Henry, if you want to go in the pool you could help with this by being a ‘casualty’ for Debbie to rescue).

Ann will revise ST4 (Deeper diving) and Tim will revise ST2 (Diver rescue) with any SD trainees who feel the need.

So there’s quite a lot in the pool but still space for anyone else who wants to take advantage of our last wet evening but PLEASE, you need to go down to poolside for 8pm to get in the water by about 8.15ish and we will get everyone out by 9.15 at the latest.

Next week Linda will be giving a presentation about corals. I’m sure everyone is aware that coral reefs are suffering throughout the world as a result of changes in the oceans and pollution. Linda will be telling us more about this, what’s being done about it, how to recognise poorly corals and perhaps what we, as divers, can do to help.


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