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Wave Shape

Training plan 1st October

Waves Shape

Hi all,

No try-dives this week so we can make a lot of progress with our Ocean and Sport Diver trainees.

Chris N will be working with Humphrey in the pool.

Richard will continue with Andy and Dave C with Abbie on pool work.

David and Sammy will do OS1 with Martin and Will

Rob will recap St1 and start SS1 with Angelina, Lee and possibly Dan if he’s available

Ann may be signing up Alison and George

Nigel will do OT3 with Adam and Ryan

Alexis will do OT1 with Tony and then go to pool side to demo SCUBA set up and dismantling

Mark will do OT5 with Kacey and Selina

Chris S will be helping anyone who needs practice/preparation for open water training. Hoods and gloves are available in the cage for people to practice with.

I believe Rhys will be in the pool so if any of the instructors need a ‘casualty’ for AS or CBL practice, he’s your man!

And that’s it, I think. I’m sending out another email re open water training. Please respond to this as quickly as possible so we can get a plan sorted. Thanks.


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