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Wave Shape

Training Plan 19th October 2021

Waves Shape

Hi all,

I hope everything went ok last week, I didn’t get any feedback so I’m
presuming that no news was good news!! I’m including a DSMB deployment
workshop this week for any Ocean Divers going on the Farnes next weekend
and anyone else who wants to join in. If you have a DSMB…and you should
have one if you are going to dive in the sea, please bring it along.

Huge Congratulations to Devin and Liam for completing their open water
training last weekend and especially to Devin who has now qualified as an
Ocean Diver. Well Done!

*Pool work*
*Steve* will do a try-dive with Paul le Gallez

*Charles * will do a try-dive with John Crowther

*Alexis * will work with Marie on OS2/3

*Chris *will continue with Joanne

*David * will do the DSMB workshop

*Theory in the room*
*Rob * will finish *OT1* (from slide 19) and continue on to *OT2* with
Wayne, Eva, Zara and Will

*DC *will do drysuit theory with Steve Gwilliam

*Ann *will do Ocean Diver cross-over theory with Paul B,and Alex and
Christian S

*Theory online*
*Nigel* will do* ST6* with any SD trainees who can make it. He will
send out an MS Teams link to start the lesson at 7.30pm as usual. (Nigel,
I’ll send you the email addresses of all our current SD trainees on a
separate email)

I think that’s everyone covered, things are getting busier at the moment so
if, in future, I leave you out please feel free to nudge me!

Don’t forget our photography presentation evening with Jason Gregory on the
2nd November. There will be no scheduled training that evening so everyone
can come along and enjoy the fantastic pictures!


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