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Training Plan 19th March

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Hi All,

A tricky job sorting out the training plan after the fiasco last week but here goes….

One try-diver this week, Antony Waring, Chris N will look after him with Mark shadowing.

Rob will finish OT1 (from slide 19) with Milli and Armya and then progress to the pool to start OS1

Chris S will do OT3 with Ruby and Dylan

Tim will continue in the pool with Paul and Babs

Alex and Ann will work with Mate and Dominik in the pool…I think OS2/3…we’ll work out a plan on Tuesday

Sammy will work with Mackenzie in the pool doing OS5 and general recap in preparation for a pool sign off.

David will do OT4 with Tony J

Paul T will finish ST4 with Steve, Dave, Callum, Ken and George (from slide 12)

With all the disruption recently there has not been much continuity with instructors and trainees…I’ll try to improve this in the future. It means, however, that all you OD trainees must bring your qualification record in every week to keep it updated and to show an instructor who may not know where you’re up to. Also, please try to look over the training board each week to ensure that is up to date too. Thanks.


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