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Training plan 19th April

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Hi all,

Having been away for a week this plan is a bit of guesswork so I apologise
if I’ve missed anyone out ans please let me know if I’ve wrongly included

*In the pool*

*David *will look after our try diver Andy Walton

*Rob* will work with Leonie

*Paul *will continue with Baher

*Alexis * will do OS5 with Mick

*Chris *will so SS1, rescue skills with Humphrey and Steve B

Karl might be coming in to practice skills with hood and gloves.

A much quieter night in the pool this week which is just as well because
some of our regs are away being serviced. There should be enough for 2 or 3
more people in the pool but it will be on a first come first served basis.

*In the room*

*Nigel* will do OT4 with John, Paul and Jaene

*Ann *will do the OD theory test with Dane and will look after Liz and
Miles Woolley if they turn up.

Anyone still thinking about joining the trip to Capernwray next weekend
please let me know by Monday evening so I can put together a brief and Tim
and Alexis can plan the training. Thanks


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