Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 17th May 2022

Waves Shape
Hi all,

A very successful day yesterday at Capernwray, all four OD trainees got OO1
and OO2 signed off despite the water being pretty chilly, well done to
them! I hope today goes as well.

To make best use of our pool time and make things easier for the EOs I’m
going to try again two waves of divers.

* In the pool:*

*Wave 1 Start kitting up by 7.50 to be in the water as soon after 8pm as
*David* will so OS1 with Andy Walton

*Paul* will, I think, be in the pool with Baher

I will let Tony Hinchcliffe from DVD know that there is room for him to
continue what he’s doing with Samuel so they may turn up but they will
bring their own kit.

*Wave 2 Start kitting around 8.05pm to be in the water as soon after
8.20pm as possible.*
*Chris* will do a try-dive with Ryan Wilson’s younger son (sorry I don’t
know his name 😕)

*Alexis* will do a second try-dive with Janet Mattinson, hopefully to allay
her fears!!

Ryan and Adam Wilson will be coming in to refresh their skills. If *Nigel* is
available he could work with these two?

*In the room:*

*Steve * will do OT2 with Liz and Miles

*Rob *will do OT5 with Jaene, Paul and John

*Ann* will complete the Ocean Diver theory test with Jo and Rhiana.

Even if Tony from DVD turns up there will still be room in the pool for any
other members to get wet if they need to practice or test any kit. Just let
Adrian know if you need kit from the cage.
See you Tuesday.


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