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Training plan 16thJuly

Waves Shape

Hi all, from overcast but wonderfully calm Seahouses. Good diving today with excellent viz…and the weather looks even better for tomorrow. 
With apologies to the cage, it’s try-dive and refresher week with  5
people booked in!
There are three try-dives. Mark and Dave C will look after Rob and Bernie
Sammy will look after Tarlie Takvam.
We also have a couple, Sarah and Partner, who are already divers but need a
refresher before a holiday. I have offered them just one instructor…that’s
Chris N…to oversee how they get on and advise them accordingly.
David will do OT1 with Savahna and Kacey (and possibly Mick…not sure yet)
and show them all how to assemble and dismantle the SCUBA….sorry Savahna, you
will be in the pool next week.
Ann will oversee Babs if she decides to have a go at the OD theory
test…are there any more takers while I’m doing them?…Mackenzie? Dylan?
Rob will do dry-suit pool training with Steve
Suze will do ST1 with Lee and Angelina and any other SD trainees who’ve not yet
done the test and who’d like to revise.Alexis will be available to support any OD trainees wanting help with practice.
And that’s it for this week I think. However, I’d like to remind all OD and
SD trainees who need open water lessons and are hoping to get their
qualification finished this year, that the next three OW training dates are
17th/18th August, 7th/8th September and 5th/6th  October. Please get these
dates into your diary. There may be other OW dates offered as things progress but they aren’t guaranteed.AnnSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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