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Training plan 16th November

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Hi all,

Greetings from sunny Egypt! As always the diving is great here at Roots
Camp, beautiful corals and the usual array of colourful critters. Not seen
a turtle yet but there’s still time!!

OK, so this is my stab at a training plan.

Chris will do OS1 with Rhiana and Eva (don’t bother with snorkeling Chris,
already done. Please note Eva had ear trouble last time).

David will continue with Wayne and Zara. I know Wayne is now a bit ahead
but no harm in going over stuff for Zara’s benefit.

Charles will continue with Marie doing OS3/4 with Joanne too. Joanne, Tim
says you need to perfect AS lift and oral bcd inflation at the
surface…you can practice this here.

Nigel will work with Baher probably on rescue skills as part of
crossover…or anything else Baher wants to cover.

Tim will be in the pool with Steve Gwilliam, Iain Ashmore and a.n.other
doing drysuit training.

Rob will continue with OS4 with all the SD trainees who started this last

I think, hope that covers it. If I’ve missed anyone out please don’t moan
at me ’til I’m back next week. New starters on the 23rd so things will get
busy again!!

Have a good evening,


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