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Training Plan 16th May 2017

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Hi all,

A very early training plan because I’m off to Egypt tomorrow, YAY!!

It’s a very quiet week because, apart from the Egypt trip, there are also other instructors away or unavailable. I’m concentrating on the new Ocean Divers starters with apologies to any Sports Diver trainees still with theory to complete. Things should start to get back to normal in a couple of weeks’ time.

So, this week:

Tim will do the first half of OT3 (up to slide 11, I suggest) with all the OD trainees, Nichola, Daniel, Jack and Jake.

Then, Chris N can continue where he left off with Nichola and Daniel in the pool

Dave C can pick up where Jake is up to, please don’t forget to bring your tick list in Jake to show Dave what you did in the pool with Rob last week.

Tim can start OS1 with Jack (snorkelling already done).

Paul R will be there to look after Mary’s secretarial stuff so anyone who wants to come in to sign their BSAC membership renewal and/or pay some money, that would be good. All those of you going on the Anglesey trip next weekend, don’t forget to come in to get whatever kit you are hiring. Hope you have a great time!


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