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Training plan 16th January

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Two try-dives again this week, Sarah Rooney and Dylan Dixon. Rob and Chris N will do these. In addition, Dylan’s dad, Dan, who is already a qualified diver, has asked to join in the try-diving although he will not need an instructor. In case I’m not there, please make sure you check Dan’s qualification before letting him loose in the pool. Thanks.

Paul T will go through a skills review with Daniel with a view to signing him off in the pool.

Dave C will continue with Debbie in the pool.

Paul R will do OT5 with Henry (FYI Henry, I have you down as signed off OS5 and the pool skills review back in December so once finished your theory lesson with Paul, if you want to, you could assist with Daniel and Debbie’s pool work by providing the ‘body’ for their CBL practice).

David P will do ST6 with Will and Alastair.

That leaves me (now with bronchitis…yuk) and possibly Tim free (assuming Tim is back from his skiing holiday). Can I suggest that Shaz, who I know is ready and raring to go, brings in her drysuit on the offchance that there is space in the pool and someone to complete her drysuit training.

I may of may not see everyone on Tuesday…all depends on the bronchi!


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