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Training Plan 15th October

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Hi all,

Yet another busy night with two try-dives but not quite so many people in the pool as last week. Our try-divers are Janine and Mark Sefton who are the parents of Dylan Sefton who came for a try-dive a few weeks ago and loved it so much he persuaded his mum and dad to come and try-dive with a view to training with him. For Dylan’s sake, we need one of these parents to enjoy themselves, which they will because Dave C and Nigel are looking after them. (They’re all paid up and Rob will have the try-dive packs….I’m putting them in the post tomorrow, Rob).

Tim will continue with Andy and Abbie doing OS5

Sammy will continue with Colleen in the pool using Kacey as demonstrator and ‘casualty’ if necessary….good practice Kacey.

Alexis will do OS1 with Tony in the pool

David will continue with Martin and Will in the pool…OS2 I think

Rob will do OT4 with Ryan and Adam…and perhaps Rhys will benefit from revising this lesson with them?

Chris N will do ST2 with Dan and anyone else who would like to revise it.

Mark will do OT5 with Selina.

Just to let you all know, Linda applied to TESCO for one of their community grants and we were awarded £1000 to help with buying equipment. There will be a bit of an award ceremony with the usual ‘BIG cheque’ sometime during the evening. If you get in the picture…SMILE!!

I hope I haven’t forgotten anybody this time. If I have, don’t call me, I’m on holiday…just turn up and you’ll be fitted in somewhere.


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