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Training plan 15th November

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Hi all,

A really busy week this Tuesday, especially in the room as there will be an
exam and 5 theory lessons happening!

No other news just now. Sadly there aren’t any instructors available for
another open water trip in the near future so we have to disappoint Rhiana
and Ben who only have OO3 and 4 to do. Sorry guys 😕 you may have to wait
’til the spring. Keep coming to club regularly to keep up your skills and
perhaps you’d like to do the drysuit training to prepare for open water in
the spring?

*In the pool:*

*Charles * will look after our try-diver George Waller

*David * will assess Esme’s skills in the pool and start her on the
crossover course AS this week and CBL next?

*Chris *will do OS3 with James

*Steve D * will do OS5 with Louis (*please* let us know Louis if you can’t
make it, you can text me on 07796171786)

*Gemma * will shadow either Charles or David. Your choice Gemma.

If Bryan and Finley are available to help with the training it would be
useful, they’ll need some ‘casualties!’

*In the Room:*

*Tim * will do the DL exam with Mick G

*Rob * will do ST3/AOD2 with Jo, Jaene, Zara and Will (I think you’ve done
this one Finley, you can do it again or can go in the pool to help with
training,as mentioned)
*Dave C * will do the last part of OT2 and demo Nitrox analysis with
Michael.(This won’t take too long so I suggest an 8pm start.)

*Alexis * will do OT6 with Ben and Dan D

*Nigel * will do OT4 with Paul BG as part of his crossover theory.

*Ann * will do OT1 with Claire.

Phew! I think that’s everyone. See y’all Tuesday,


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