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Training plan 15th January 2019

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Hi all,

Things are getting busier and busier so my grateful thanks to our Dearne Valley Diver colleagues, Dave, Kerry and Geoff who will be helping out with instructing over the next few weeks.

There are no try-dives this week (phew!) so straight on to the training plan:

Our brand new OD trainees Mate, Dominic, Ruby and Dylan need to arrive promptly at 7.30 tonight as there’s a lot for them to do. Rob will do the first section of OT1 (up to slide 18) with them and then they will break into two pairs to go poolside to set up their SCUBA and get into the pool to start OS1. Kerry will take Ruby and Dylan leaving Mate and Dominik with Rob. (Don’t forget your first kit token guys!)

Autumn and Tom will be in the pool with Chris. I understand from Paul that they are near completing OS5…just need to learn CBL and practice towing.

Geoff will do OT6 with Angelina

Dave K will work with Tony J in the pool, it’s been such a while since you were in the pool Tony I suggest you talk to Dave and let him know what you want to refresh….then please could you update the training record after this, thanks.

Ann will do OT3 with Jess, Giannis and Mackenzie

David will do a skills review with our new member Dave Hook, I suggest Alex shadows this.

I’m sorry but I am going to have to disappoint the SD trainees this week as I’ve run out of instructors…make use of the time guys and get wet!

Autumn, Tom, Angelina and Will have all finished their respective theory lessons after this week. I leave it to you now to tell me when you feel ready to have a go at the theory test. I have revision stuff that I can give you and there are revision sections on the BSAC website for you to have a go at, also, if you have no specific training on any given week you are always welcome to sit in on an OD lesson that you’ve already done for revision. It’s best to prepare well. Good luck!


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