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Training Plan 15th February

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Hi all,

A quiet evening in store this week, which is just as well as we’re a bit
short of instructors! Apologies to the SD trainees as we’ve no-one to run a
SD lesson but in a fortnight’s time we will be starting the rescue skills
in the pool, probably a maximum of 4 trainees at a time. SD trainees,
please let me know when you will be available to do this.

*Next week *Alexis will be giving his excellent presentation on Injury
Prevention for Divers. Within this Alexis will be looking at prevention of
muscular-skeletal problems as well as the importance of general fitness
when diving to minimise the risk of DCI. After the presentation there will
be a question and answer session and a general discussion on ‘ all things
medical’ . This presentation is open to ALL members and interested family
members and you are all encouraged to come along…even those who have seen
the presentation before… because Alexis always updates the presentation
to take in the latest medical issues being raised by BSAC and the UK Diving
Medical Committee.

But back to this week…..

*In the pool:*

*Charles* will work with Dane (Dane don’t forget your QRB to show Charles
where you are up to)

*Chris* will work with Mick (about OS2 – 3 ish, but Mick’s been away for a
while so might need to refresh first?)

*David * will do a skills review with Karl and Rhiana with a view to a pool
sign off.

*Matt *will be observing either Chris or David…please sort this out
between you.

*In the room:*

*Rob *will do OT1 with Paul, John and Jaene if she is back from Sri Lanka.

*Steve * will do Ocean Diver (OT0-OT4) Revision with Will, Zara and Joanne,
Iona may be around to help out.


*Nigel * will do OT6 with Wayne and Eva (Nigel will send out a TEAMS link

There is plenty of room in the pool for any qualified or pool-signed-off
members to get wet.

I hope everyone has a good evening. I’ll not be there..it’s my Birthday…
39 again 😉!!


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