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Training Plan 14th September

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Hi all,

An incomplete training plan today because a few problems have arisen that I
haven’t been able to sort out …because nobody seems to want to talk to me
on a Sunday!! Everybody please read right to the end.

These are the definites:

*Steve* will do a try-dive with Adrian Carter

*Nigel *will do a refresher with Gary Partridge

*Rob* will do a general assessment with *Paul Brown*, our latest new member
who is a rusty PADI diver wanting to get back into it!

*Chris* will continue with *Will Rutte*r.

*Alexis* will finish the OD theory test with *Will Hodgson*

Now for the less definites:

The three OD trainees due to start their open water training next Sunday
SHOULD practice their skills and the AAS procedures in hood and gloves in
the pool on Tuesday in preparation. *David P *will be available to help
with this.* Liam, Andrei and Devin, p**lease get to the pool to do this if
you haven’t practiced it yet. *(I know that you have Devin but feel free to
come in and practice some more if you can).

*Becca* is nearly ready for open water too but needs more practice with AAS
so she too could join in the above with the other trainees and David.

*DC * is available to do a theory lesson with *Joanne, Marie and Liam.
* However
it is more important that Liam does the pool work as above..he can catch up
the theory at a later date. Please could Marie contact me asap to confirm
what Liam wants to do. Thanks.

*Finally, a reminder about the open water training trip to Capernwray
happening next Sunday the 19th Sept*. If you want to be involved for
training or just come to support or for a pleasure/experience dive, and you
haven’t already contacted me, please let me know by tomorrow (Monday) as I
will be sending out the brief for the day then. Please could those who were
havering and said they *might * want to come please confirm or otherwise so
that Rob can finalise a plan for the day. Many thanks.


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